So my current predicament as a *College Senior* is figuring out what my next step in life is. All four years of school I was an athlete with practice at least 5 days a week with 12 hours assigned in the library for studying. This didn’t leave me any time to get a job or […]

For my snapshot story I found this picture from my April photo stream. For all you who don’t know which one I am, I am the second one from the left in the blue racerback. This photo brings back a nostalgic memory of the last day I would see all these girls for at least […]

They key word being planned. For the past three years I’ve taken countless pictures of sporting events at my university. I guess you could say those were planned too? Or unplanned? Anyway, this is my first shoot that I’ve done with models. I was kindly asked to take pictures of my best friend and her […]

Our story starts in middle school. We were thirteen. He was the flirt of the school. I was just the normal girl with braces that hadn’t hit puberty. I had the biggest crush on him throughout middle school. We graduated and moved onto separate high schools. I hadn’t even thought about the cute, flirtatious boy […]

It was hard to even push myself to get in the car and watch the sunset like we used to. It was only fitting that the weather was as cold as I felt after you left this world. I made sure to bring Charlie like we always used to. He knew that it was different […]

I’ve come here to WordPress after some contemplation on wanting to write a blog and being too afraid to do it. Well, I’ve decided! Here I will post my pictures I take from sessions or from my free time. Here is where I will post my journey of photography. If you are wondering why I […]