Winter Sunset–threes


It was hard to even push myself to get in the car and watch the sunset like we used to. It was only fitting that the weather was as cold as I felt after you left this world. I made sure to bring Charlie like we always used to. He knew that it was different this time also.

The clouds covering the sky make me believe that it isn’t going to be a sunset like ones we used to see, but I’m alright with that. I wish you could be here to watch Charlie chase after the birds like he always does. Today he doesn’t seem to be afraid of the water as much. It might be because he knows you’ll keep him safe.

The sun is heading closer to the horizon now setting off oranges and yellows across the water. It surprises me how the sky has unfolded into such a magnificent picture. Having Charlie here comforts me. I know your presence is still here when I look at his face. My heart will warm with each passing sunset that I watch thinking of you.

This is my first Daily Post Challenge for threes

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