My First Planned Photo Shoot

They key word being planned. For the past three years I’ve taken countless pictures of sporting events at my university. I guess you could say those were planned too? Or unplanned? Anyway, this is my first shoot that I’ve done with models. I was kindly asked to take pictures of my best friend and her fiancé for their Save the Date. 

Image As I stated above this was my first shoot and although there were many bumps along the way it was a great learning experience. And for those bumps along the way I think some of the pictures turned out very well. 

Image Image 

I’m very excited for these two wonderful people. They really are each others perfect match and I want the world for them. Thank you Ashley & Gabe for allowing me to take pictures of you! I had a blast! Can’t wait to see you at the wedding 🙂

Image Image

This was also my first time using photoshop to edit photos in bulk and using actions that I bought for photoshop. Please don’t be afraid to critique the photos I’ve posted whether its the picture in general or the editing process. Thank you!!

Image Image 





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