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Big Fish

For my snapshot story I found this picture from my April photo stream. For all you who don’t know which one I am, I am the second one from the left in the blue racerback. This photo brings back a nostalgic memory of the last day I would see all these girls for at least […]

My First Planned Photo Shoot

They key word being planned. For the past three years I’ve taken countless pictures of sporting events at my university. I guess you could say those were planned too? Or unplanned? Anyway, this is my first shoot that I’ve done with models. I was kindly asked to take pictures of my best friend and her […]

The Love of My Life

Our story starts in middle school. We were thirteen. He was the flirt of the school. I was just the normal girl with braces that hadn’t hit puberty. I had the biggest crush on him throughout middle school. We graduated and moved onto separate high schools. I hadn’t even thought about the cute, flirtatious boy […]

Winter Sunset–threes

It was hard to even push myself to get in the car and watch the sunset like we used to. It was only fitting that the weather was as cold as I felt after you left this world. I made sure to bring Charlie like we always used to. He knew that it was different […]

Define: Capturing Sweet Nothings

I’ve come here to WordPress after some contemplation on wanting to write a blog and being too afraid to do it. Well, I’ve decided! Here I will post my pictures I take from sessions or from my free time. Here is where I will post my journey of photography. If you are wondering why I […]